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Premium green/white tea blend Sunny Passion

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Green/White Pau Mu Tan/Yunnan Tea, Rose buds, Pineapple flakes , mango cubes

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This noble blend of different green and white teas captivates the senses with the typical, attractive Pai Mu Tan and a Yunnan which is dominated by light, fluffy tips. Yellow rose buds, pineapple flakes and mango cubes enhance the delicate yet significant freshness of this aromatic variety. The tea leaves dominate the overall taste with their typically delicate, slightly bitter notes. A touch of juicy pear and creamy sweet exotic envelop the characteristic of green tea.


Zeit.jpg 1-3 minutes brewing time

temp.jpg 75-80 °C water temperature

loef.jpg 4-5 heaped tsp./1 litre

Tip:  Using boiling hot water will ruin its flavour and its benefits.

Boil the water and let it cool down for a few  minutes before pouring over the leaves.Your tea will become bitter if you brew any longer than 3 minutes.