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Guatemala Lampocoy

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Guatemala Lampocoy

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Origin and Plantation
Located on the eastern slopes of the massive volcanoes of Central America and in the area of influence of the Atlantic trade winds, the coffee cherries ripen at cultivation altitudes of 1,200 m over a period of more than ten months and in a perfect, cool and humid microclimate.

Character and Taste
The altitudes, the climate and the thoroughly withered soil ensure that this coffee impresses with an exceptionally nice,  full body, with a delicate acidity, a slight hint of fruits and notes of chocolate and caramel. Thanks to the excellent preconditions, the Guatemala Lampocoy belongs among the top coffees of Guatemala. 

Guatemalan coffee could be awarded a prize for the best quality in Central America. But this does not automatically mean that all Guatemalan coffees are good. The country has an outstanding potential for exceptionally good coffee. Plantations with huge estates or small micro farms within the same region offer different qualities with a large variety of flavour characteristics.